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cone crusher


We pay much attention to the staff's training and career development. We provide professional technology training courses and promotion positions for our new staff. We spend a lot of expenditure in training every year and provide complete pre-job training courses.

Diversified ways of training.

We set up training fund. Staff can apply fund to participate related training courses, which help staff gain the opportunity of promotion and academy degree.We establish the mechanism of cultivation. Comprehensive training mechanism offer the platform to our staff.


We offer career development ways of two sequences(management and profession), three directions(longitudinal management, longitudinal profession, horizontal profession), and ten series(technology, quality, finance, IT, HR, business, marketing, service, production, synthesis).Management: new staff-executive-section chief-minister-general director-CEO assistantProfession: new staff-junior-middle level-senior-expert-senior specialist

Promotion opportunity

Work shift: It can improve self abilities in different positions. Transfer: Staff can transfer to other positions if work excellently on the resent position. Competition: When there is an important position available, all staff can take up it through competition. Qualification assessment: We organize qualification assessment every year in order to set up development stairs for our staff.

Position rotation: We offer position rotation for the excellent management talents and help the potential staff improve the self-abilities.